Our GREEN DEAL – Farm to Fork

The art of affinage from a sustainable and eco-friendly perspective

As the company’s production has grown, the Carpenedo family has always sought to create a fruitful, enduring, balanced and meaningful relationship with the local territory.

To obtain the best results, from the very beginning Casearia Carpenedo had to create a quality system to guarantee exceptional raw materials: high quality milk mostly from high mountain pastures; grapes, grape skins, aromatic herbs, hay and other products for refining that have a clear ethical production code, to ensure the consumer the healthiest and tastiest product possible.

Over the years the company has introduced a series of environmental, ethical and sustainable initiatives in line with the great European Green Deal project launched in May 2020.


Energy self-sufficiency

Energy has always been a key part of facility and production management. At the site in Camalò (TV) there are two self-produced energy sources: geothermal and photovoltaic.

The large production spaces are built at such a depth as to exploit the temperature stability of the large limestone slabs that are typical of the Montello area, without the need for external balancing. Storage in caves with visible rock walls saves a significant amount of energy but also creates a better product by protecting it with ‘good’ and ‘effective’ microorganisms.

The roofs of one wing of the production facility are covered with photovoltaic panels, making us self-sufficient for all energy needs. Part of the energy produced is given to the national utility for use in the surrounding territory.

Reducing food waste

The Carpenedo family’s contribution of innovation and creativity since 1976 has accelerated the gourmet idea of cheese on the table, but above all, has overcome the prejudice of cheese in greaseproof paper in a delicatessen.

The search for different forms of packaging and presentation to enhance the aesthetic aspect of cheese has led to the use of user-friendly packaging and the elimination of waste for greengrocers or restaurant operators.

The new portion pack was designed to directly reach the end consumer with more manageable quantities to encourage consumption of the entire product without the risk of unnecessary waste. The packaging was designed to be completely recyclable with no mixed waste components.


Guaranteeing sustainable food production

The company supports the production of milk from mountain pastures, a choice which counteracts the depopulation of mountain areas and ensures, thanks to decades-old agreements, payment for milk at a price that recognises the hard work involved in high mountain pastoralism.
Carpenedo therefore champions the ancient alpine pastures and meadows and the mountain farms that collect the milk from small cowsheds dotted between the Alta Valle di But in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, the Monti Lessini and Monte Grappa – in valleys with ancient traditions and magnificent pastures.

Ensuring food safety

logo brosBRCGS certification
The Global Food Safety Standard was developed by BRCGS (Brand Reputation through Compliance). The objective of BRCGS certification is to ensure the quality and safety of food products marketed to consumers.

logo bjosOrganic certification
Organic farming takes into account the entire agricultural ecosystem, promoting the biodiversity of the surrounding environment and limiting or excluding the use of synthetic products and genetically modified organisms.