The Carpenedo Method

The first, the only, the inimitable

There have always been attempts to copy the Carpenedo Method. But it is impossible to replicate because it is based on precise and secret processing procedures, plus several unique ingredients which include the knowledge of local traditions, life and travel experiences, a culture of using the most diverse raw materials, passion and a lot of instinct. .

All this transforms the cheese into an emotion, the emotion of Carpenedo. .

The processing is as complex as it is unique, with unexpected flavours and innovative combinations that change the essence of the cheese, starting from the paste, which is transformed, its flavour becoming subtle and elegantly elevated by the aromas dosed with wisdom.
A unique, unrepeatable and inimitable metamorphosis.


The Carpenedo Method’s production procedures are based on the acronym TUTA, or the secret blend of Tempo (time), Umidità (humidity), Temperatura (temperature) and Ambiente (environment) required for the various types of cheese.

The starting point is an excellent product made by renowned dairies (who respect the environment and biodiversity) chosen according to the characteristics of the product it will be combined with: from wine to grape skins, from hay to beer, all famous and prestigious Italian excellences.

The process stems from experiments that led to the creation of the first Carpenedo cheese, Ubriaco®, when Antonio Carpenedo combined two simple ingredients into an enogastronomic masterpiece, following in the footsteps of several local traditions still unknown to the outside world.

Each cheese conveys an emotion

Behind every product in the cellar lies a story of life, of the land, of great history. From the traditions of bygone times and emotions evoked by experiences, to intense feelings of love.


Summer scents

In June 1998 inspiration was born for Vento d’Estate®, a product aged in barrique with mountain hay. On Antonio and his wife Giuseppina’s return from an excursion to Monte Grappa, the winding roads prevented them from overtaking an old tractor towing a trailer of hay that gave off sensational aromas of unspoiled nature and wildflowers. As soon as he could, Antonio overtook the trailer, flanked the tractor and asked the visibly surprised farmer to sell him some of that abundantly fragrant hay that would become the key ingredient for the affinage of Vento d’Estate®.


The balance of love

It wasn’t just any sentiment. It was the romantic, passionate and indissoluble bond between Antonio and his wife Giuseppina that gave rise to Blu ‘611®. The marriage between the soft paste of the blue cheese, refined with Raboso passito wine, and cranberries recreates in the mouth the same poetic harmony of the couple.
When celebrating their golden wedding anniversary in 2011, Antonio dedicated this remarkable product to his wife to make even more precious the unbreakable bond that had united them for 50 years. The following year, Blu ‘611® won gold medal in the ALMA Caseus competition and featured on the shelves of the prestigious Harrods range in London.


Wine-coloured hideaway

È da una tradizione dei contadini delle zone limitrofe del fiume Piave, che proviene da una casualità scoperta ai tempi della Prima Guerra Mondiale, nasce l’Ubriaco®.
Durante la prima grande guerra, i soldati austro-ungarici devastavano le case e i possedimenti terrieri dei locali, lasciandoli privi di provviste. In periodo di vendemmia, un contadino ebbe l’idea di nascondere le forme di formaggio sotto le vinacce in fermentazione. Fu proprio una volta estratte che si accorse di aver conferito al formaggio uno straordinario valore aggiunto tramite quel casuale passaggio: i tannini e il sapore di vino durante la fermentazione del mosto avevano raggiunto il cuore della forma e l’avevano “ubriacata”.